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Medical Malpractice
Your doctor or hospital has a duty to act with prudence and diligence.
Personal Injury
Who is responsible for a personal injury resulting from a slip and fall accident?
There are many factors that determine the amount of compensation you and your family members can get.
Product Liability
Have you, or any of your family members, been injured or suffered damages as a result of using a defective or unsafe product?
Our Team
Annette Lefebvre
For twenty-four years, Annette Lefebvre has devoted her legal practice to medical malpractice and personal injury law. Since the beginning of her practice, Me Lefebvre has successfully acted as an attorney exclusively for Plaintiffs, representing...
Melissa Lonn
Melissa Lonn graduated in 2013 from Université de Montréal where she completed both a Bachelor of Civil Law and a Juris Doctor. She holds both a Bachelor Degree in Science and a Master Degree in Social Work ...
Deadline for filing a lawsuit in Québec ?

Filing a lawsuit for medical malpractice or any bodily injury must be done within three (3) years from the day the injury occurred, or three (3) years from the day the injury becomes evident. It is extremely important to understand that this is a strict legal deadline.

Example: we successfully sued a doctor who left a sponge in a woman’s abdomen but she only found out about it when a doctor ordered an X-ray for back pain five (5) years after the surgery.
What professional fees will I be charged?
Your initial phone call to our firm and in-person meeting are free.

Our professional fees are based on a percentage of the amount we recover in an out-of-court settlement or as a result of a trial. These fees, also called a contingency fee, are billed only at the end of the file.

We assume a large risk in any lawsuit we choose to accept therefore you can be sure that if we decide to represent you it is because we believe strongly in the success of your case. Do not let your financial situation be the reason why you decide not to seek legal counsel!
Visit our  Frequently Asked Questions  page to learn more about the requirements for filing a lawsuit, the timeline, the process and our fees.

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