Annette - Lawyer

Annette Lefebvre

R.N., B.A., LL.B., B.C.L.

For over thirty years, Annette has devoted her legal career exclusively to medical malpractice and personal injury law. She has always acted on behalf of Plaintiffs, successfully representing injured people and their families against doctors, nurses, hospitals, landlords and commercial establishments.

Prior to her legal studies, Annette pursued a career as an I.C.U. Registered Nurse working in Toronto, Montreal and at Stanford, California. After earning an Honours B.A., she studied at the Faculty of Law at McGill University and obtained a Common Law Degree (LL.B.) and Civil Law Degree (B.C.L.) and was called to the Quebec Bar in 1991.

Formerly a partner in a boutique firm, in 2005 Annette pursued her passion of launching her own law firm in Montreal dedicated entirely to healthcare law. She has extensive litigation experience and has been lead counsel in ground-breaking medical malpractice judgements in Quebec. She is proud that the firm she founded consistently exceeds client expectations in obtaining substantial out-of-court settlements for victims of medical practice and personal injury.

Annette is frequently invited to lecture on medical malpractice and current health issues at various medical and legal organizations, such as the Québec Bar Association, The Canadian Bar Association and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. She is past President of the Health Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association and remains an active member.

With a lifelong interest in health care, Annette acts as an executive administrator on the Board of Directors for TRACOM, a Montreal crisis intervention centre. She is also an enthusiastic member of the Board of Directors for L’Orchestre classique de Montréal.

Melissa - Lawyer

Melissa Lonn

B.Sc., M.S.W., B.C.L., J.D.

Melissa Lonn graduated from Université de Montréal in 2013 where she completed both a Bachelor of Civil Law and a Juris Doctor. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Science and a Master Degree in Social Work from McGill University. 

Prior to pursuing her legal studies, Melissa worked as a Social Worker for the Department of Youth Protection in Montreal, representing children in difficult situations. Melissa’s enduring passion for humanitarian work lead her to travel extensively to South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East to work in orphanages, impoverished settlements, as well as on ambulances providing medical care to injured civilians.

Melissa’s particular interest in medical malpractice and personal injury law interfaces well with her science and social work experience. In her day-to-day practice, Melissa applies the communication and interpersonal skills she acquired both as a social worker and through her diverse experiences abroad to advocate on behalf of medical malpractice and injury victims and their families. Melissa is especially skilled in conveying the victim experience.  

Melissa has been working at Annette Lefebvre Avocats since 2012. She was called to the Québec Bar in 2014.